Outstanding Students

You read about them in the paper but where are our outstanding students now?

Alexandra Kasper 

Alexandra Kasper
Alexandra is currently in grade twelve at Dunbarton High School in Pickering with a focus in the sciences. Alexandra will be attending university next year where she hopes to pursue Chemistry and Physics as her majors. She also enjoys learning Spanish and Children’s Theatre in her spare time.

Alexandra is continuing as a junior leader with the Sparks Girl Guide Unit at Alexander Sterling Public School in Malvern.  She has also organized a group of students from her school to climb the CN tower for WWF earlier this year in April of 2010.

Alexandra’s last thoughts for young people in the community…

“My advice to young people would be to get involved with something you’re interested in.  If you want something to happen, be proactive and find out how to make it happen.  Find people that share your interests and start a group or organization if there isn’t something already happening in the community for you to join.”

Alexandra was our Winter 2007 Outstanding Student of the Season, to read more about her click here.

Lilly Singh

Lilly has just completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at York University.  She currently works at an Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Services Company. Lilly has also expanded her own company, NTP Entertainment, to include more services. In the year of 2010 NTP has taken a turn in direction from a leisure dance team to a full fledge entertainment company. Improving the marketing strategies, logistics, and overall concept of event entertainment has been her main project thus far. Lilly’s goal is to go above and beyond what the industry currently has to offer and revolutionize entertainment services.

What message would Lilly give to young people in the community who are interested in the arts?

“In today’s society, having a diploma is key to achieving the bare minimum level of success. Without that piece of paper, however annoying it is to obtain, there are not many options out there. However I still and always have believed that there is no better training in life than simply living. Sitting in a classroom can only teach you so much. If you really want to succeed in life, in whatever it is you have a passion for, the only way you will learn how to survive is through experience. Thus I encourage youth in the community to get involved in whatever interests them and experience something new every day.”

Lilly was our Summer 2008 Outstanding Student of the Season, to read more about her click here.

Nivethika Thambithurai

Nive Nive earned her Bachelor of Arts with high distinction in English at the University of Toronto Scarborough in June, 2010. Upon completing her studies she won the UTSC Letter Award which recognizes students for their significant and diverse contributions to student life. After graduating, Nive worked at the International Student Centre at the University of Toronto Scarborough as an Assistant Coordinator, organizing cultural and transition programming for incoming and upper year students. Currently she is taking time off to volunteer and plans on pursuing post-graduate studies in Communications in the future.

A message from Nive for youth in the community…

“Discover what you are passionate about, take risks, and invest in yourself. Nothing is more motivating than doing work that you are care about—whether that’s inside or outside of the classroom. Volunteering, working, and extracurricular opportunities in school or the community are all great ways to figure out what you’re interested in. It’s important to take risks as you are gaining experience, as well. We all inevitably make mistakes, and it’s from those mistakes that we learn about our strengths and weaknesses. Finally, invest in yourself by pursuing education/training beyond high school. This can be in the form of an apprenticeship, university, college, internships, and/or work or volunteer experience. Whatever combination you choose, give it everything you’ve got!”

Nive was our Fall 2009 Outstanding Student of the Season, to read more about her click here.

Jemy Joseph

Jemy is currently in her final year of her Masters of Science program at the University of Toronto. She is doing basic and clinical research in the field of heart transplant immunology and she hopes to defend her thesis by the end of the 2011 academic year. Jemy has also had the opportunity to attend a number of academic conferences such as the Canadian Cardiovascular Conference in Montreal and the International Conference on HLA-G in Paris. She was also invited as student speaker at the Quebec Coalition for No Sweatshops and  Jemy was also selected as a provincial finalist for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship in Ontario in December 2009.

What messages of advice does Jemy give to young people in the community?

  • Find good mentors who can guide you – these can be senior students, teachers/professors, members of your cultural / religious community.
  • Be wise with your finances.  Don’t spend unnecessarily, or more than what you have.
  • Be willing to take chances in life, and as much as this sounds cliche, think outside the box!  Be creative!
  • Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the small, yet powerful moments of life – such as observing the leaves change color in the fall, participating in city festivals, and spending time with your family and loved ones.

Jemy was our Fall 2008 Outstanding Student of the Season, to read more about her click here.

Krysti Clarke

Krysti is currently attending Miami University pursuing a major in Coaching so that she can become a University soccer coach in the future.  Recently, Krysti has been volunteering at a local high school helping the girls varsity basketball team and getting a firsthand experience at what coaching is like and what it takes to make a successful team.

A message from Krysti…

“Never give up.  If you have a dream, reach out for it because sometimes dreams do come true.  My dream was to get a scholarship to the States [U.S.A.] for soccer and it’s happing right now and I love every moment of it.  Of course there are hardships along the way of getting to your dream but as long as you give it your best then you’ll never have any regrets.”

Krysti was our Winter 2008 Outstanding Student of the Season, to read more about her click here.

Brian Woon-A-Tai

Brian is currently in school at York University pursuing Film Studies. He is continuing to pursue event filming and photography and most recently, he has taken on music video projects for Bronx-based artist ‘Remo Da Rapstar’. Brian is also working hand in hand with Manifesto TV documenting the Manifesto Festival which is a celebration of urban arts. If that hasn’t kept Brian busy enough, he is also working on  a ‘how to vote’ project to educate youth on the upcoming Toronto mayoral elections.

Some last words from Brian…

“Everyone has a passion in life, if you feel like you do not, you haven’t found it yet. A passion is not necessarily something that makes the most money but what provokes self-enlightenment. Confidence creates a passion, long days, short nights, persistence and determination fuel a passion. To find your passion is to find yourself.”

Brian was our Fall 2010 Outstanding Student of the Season, to read more about him click here.