About Malvern

Malvern is the epitome of a diverse Canadian society that is and has been home to many successful writers, entrepreneurs, entertainers and sports personalities over the years. Statistics have show that Malvern is home to more immigrants than any other region in Toronto.

Community programs in Malvern focus on youth, a stance that has been lead by both social and political institutions alike. Many of these youth come from single-parent, low income households and often find it difficult to find ways to channel their creative potential. It is because of this that the organizations in Malvern, along with its residents build strong support groups for each other in order to enrich the social fabric of the community.

Where is Malvern?

Geographically, Malvern is a neighborhood located in the city of Toronto just north of highway 401 and east of Markham Road bordering the Toronto Public Zoo.

History of Malvern

Historically, it is a rather old community that dates back to 1856 with the grand opening of the Malvern Post Office. The first school, The Malvern Schoolhouse, was established in 1872 and still exists to this day. The population in this region was relatively small in numbers and did not escalate until the first homes were built in 1972. Since this time, the Malvern community, once known for its flourishing farm lands, has grown and expanded. It is now recognized for its diverse visible minority and youth population.

What Do the People of Malvern Look Like?

As shown in the two charts below taken from Statistics Canada, Malvern is comprised of an emerging group of minorities.  The community has a 20-50% higher population of immigrants, and a 50% higher population of visible minorities than the rest of Toronto.  The visible minority population in 2001was comprised mostly of Black, South Asian and Chinese immigrants, three very different and distinct groups in terms of culture and language. Among the 44,315 individuals that reside in Malvern, 15 percent are youth between the ages of 15-24.